Olive Branch of Hope

Where All Grow

At Olive Branch of Hope, we focus on strengths to address needs. We provide effective & proactive training strategies to prepare our participants in handling life challenges and to become effective members of the society. 

There is hope for everyone, whether  a person is struggling with independent living skills, activities of daily living, social skills, safety awareness, community participation, or other life challenges. At Olive Branch of Hope, where every individual’s interests are used as training tools, learning is fun and relevant!


With Olive Branch of Hope, individuals ages 18 and older, with intellectual disabilities and/or autism are provided with  age appropriate opportunities to successfully overcome obstacles and to experience growth in home and community. Olive Branch of Hope's skilled staff empower the individuals to develop an assortment of tools/resources
that lead to a life full of hope as they grow into productive members of society.


Mission Statement

Olive Branch of Hope believes that when given appropriate and innovative training, all youth  and adults with intellectual disabilities will grow and become responsible and contributing members of society. Young adults and adults will be provided with appropriate & proactive problem solving strategies to use in handling any obstacles that may be affecting their progress in home, community, social engagements, adaptive and/or self-help skills.